Become a Ghee Wiz
  • 4 Sticks of Butter
  1. Pick a vessel to hold the butter. I use a Le Cruset Dutch oven (no lid) in order to give the butter a larger surface area upon which to brown. You can use a loaf pan, a deep skillet, a deep casserole get the idea.
  2. Unwrap and place your butter in the vessel. Pop said vessel into the 250-degree oven. Set a timer for 90 minutes and then go do something else. Seriously, no watching necessary.
  3. At about the 80 minute mark, set up the container you plan to use to store the ghee. Don’t use plastic as it will melt when you pour in the hot ghee. I prefer a hinged glass container (with a gasket) which holds about 14 ounces. I bought mine at IKEA but you can find just about anywhere.
  4. Use a strainer that rests comfortably atop the container and line it with at least four layers of cheesecloth.
  5. Place the container in a clean sink (better leverage when pouring the hot liquid) and then slowly pour the ghee through the strainer into the container. You will pour and stop and wait for it to seep through the cheesecloth and strainer. Repeat. Wait. Repeat.
  6. Leave the container open until thoroughly cooled and set. Storing on the counter is fine as all the milk solids which can become rancid are now gone.
  7. Enjoy.
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