The Pepper Primer


Black, white, Szechuan, pink, green, Tellicherry and more! Those are all types of pepper. Each is unique and should be used in different ways. Black pepper is the most common spice in the world and is found in just about [...]

The Pepper Primer2020-12-01T22:12:54+00:00

Is it HOT in here?


How Hot Is It? Little known tips for using your meat thermometer properly as we get closer to Thanksgiving Do you have one of those instant-read meat thermometers? How accurate is it? You can check quite easily and re-calibrate [...]

Is it HOT in here?2018-11-19T16:12:17+00:00

What I Ate on My Summer Vacation(s)


It’s September, and for me September is when things truly start anew! Back to school and back to the routine - summer is gone and vacations are a memory. For me my strongest vacation memories are typically related to [...]

What I Ate on My Summer Vacation(s)2018-10-05T14:56:04+00:00

A Cornucopia of Fresh Summer Fruits and Veggies


Summer fruits and veggies are a plenty! Don’t walk...RUN Farmers marketing are bustling right now, so get your fill while you can! If you are blessed with local market stands, do not walk but RUN to take advantage of the [...]

A Cornucopia of Fresh Summer Fruits and Veggies2018-08-16T14:23:39+00:00

Lemons, Shoes, and Breathtaking Views


What a trip! Italy’s Amalfi Coast is as gorgeous in person as it appears in all those iconic pictures you’ve seen – sheer cliffs dotted with colorful structures right down to the sea below! I must have 50 pictures [...]

Lemons, Shoes, and Breathtaking Views2017-06-23T14:03:07+00:00

Homemade Ghee


Ghee – that clarified butter making the health rounds these days – can be a pricey proposition if you use it as much as I do. I’ve seen it range from $19.99 for 13 ounces on Amazon to $9.99 for [...]

Homemade Ghee2017-03-07T14:55:24+00:00

Broccolini with Pomegranate Seeds


Here's a bright and colorful and flavorful side dish that goes equally well with a slow-roasted beef tenderloin, a rack of lamb or a fillet of black cod. It's also a snap to make and looks great on a festive [...]

Broccolini with Pomegranate Seeds2017-02-27T20:06:59+00:00
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